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We welcome you to Hotel Kohlees!

Your homee in the mystical himalayan valley of chinars ("oriental plane trees"), saints, never ending green meadows, white water rivers, peaceful lakes and enormous natural wealth - Kashmir.

Kashmir, the valley called "The paradise on Earth" has remained so with the passage of time. It offers, even in the 21st century, virgin natural beauty which awaits guests, with its treasure of uncomparable hospitality and warmth. This paradise really is a travel destination for all seasons. Here, you can witness mother nature in all her distinctive glory, be it summer, autumn, winter or spring.

Hotel Kohlees is located in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The capital is the entry point for travellers by air and the base for holidays in "PARADISE". The city is implausibly beautiful with a river, three lakes, a ring of mountains, terraced rice fields and tiny mud-walled villages which lend it a medieval flavour even today.

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